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Band camp is an intense period of practice where students learn to march and quickly progress into learning the year's marching show – memorizing music and learning drill.

Participation is mandatory, and tardiness is not tolerated. Students must arrive before the start of rehearsal so they can get set up. 
Reminders and Camp Attire


  1. Bring a water bottle every day. We take frequent water breaks and keep the students hydrated. (No other beverages. ONLY WATER!!)

  2. Bring a sack lunch every day.  No one will be able to leave the campus for lunch.

  3. One small three-ring binder with sheet protectors to keep music. You will receive a lanyard and a dot book. Make sure to have those at all times when setting drill.

  4. Wear tennis shoes with socks – no high tops, sandals, flip-flops, etc.

  5. Shorts and t-shirts. (If students need to wear pants, make sure they are light-colored. Avoid any black clothing. You WILL be hot! This is in the best interest of their health in the summer heat.)

  6. Hat and Sunglasses

  7. Sunscreen (You will get burned without it!!)


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