Getting ready for the Viking Band program?  Here’s a great way to pay off your student’s band fees!!  As part of an ongoing fundraiser for your student, Scrip cards (either plastic or electronic) are available for you to purchase online.  Once you get an account set up, you can make your purchases on your computer and even use the Shop with Scrip App on your phone.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a program where gift cards are purchased at face value (and worth face value) and a rebate is attached to each card. When you purchase a card, your student’s account earns cash as well as the band program. Below is an example of how Scrip


Enrollment Information

Visit and register for a new account using Enrollment Code 7F531BF14331.

Once you enroll you will need to add your personal bank account so you can place orders. If you choose not to add a personal bank account, a check must be given to the Scrip Coordinator before your order is released.


​Contact Keith Spears here.