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Each year in the Spring, the Viking Band staff begins work designing a marching show that will be performed at home and on the road in competition.  Countless hours are spent teaching that show to the students, starting in the summer.  Students and staff will spend months adjusting and improving right until the last performance.  No sooner than the fall season comes to a close, development of the Winter Drumline and Winter Guard shows begin, and a new round of rehearsals and performances will follow.  The amount of effort put in by these talented directors and performers is awe-inspiring, and it's a year-round effort.


Behind any great performance, there exists an additional crew supporting the performance.  Set design, wardrobe, catering, equipment, transportation, financing - those are just a few of the critical support roles that contribute to a show's success.  That's where our volunteers come in.   Viking Band volunteers contribute literally thousands of hours every year in support of the program and its performances.  If you're already a Viking Band volunteer, then THANK YOU!  You know first-hand how much support is necessary to ensure a successful program for our kids.  If you would like to volunteer but aren't sure how to get started, then you're in the right place.


Opportunities to get involved in the Fall and Winter shows:

  • Participate in prop construction

  • Assist students with uniform fittings and manage marching uniform inventory

  • Help move equipment and props on and off the field during performances

  • Supply water to the students after halftime performances (fall)

  • Photograph/Video performances for our website and social media

  • Plan and serve meals to the performers at competitions


Additional ways to participate:

  • Participate in an event planning committee (Invitational, Craft Fair, etc.)

  • Volunteer to work at fundraising events

  • Help plan fun social events for the students


That's just a sampling of what volunteers do, and help is always needed.  Getting involved is simple.  Let us know you're interested by either filling out the form below or by emailing Deanne Farris.  We always look forward to having new members on the team!

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